Out with old… Again??

This Is SwanI started a wordpress blog a little while back… maybe a couple of weeks ago.
Before that I started a new job doing web design… A few months ago…
Combining those 2 circumstances, I have started an official blog. www.thisisswan.com and this will not change… Unlike the last 2 wordpress blogs. So for consistent, hopefully far better designed & cleaner blog. Hit me up!
Because if you keep coming back here, you’ll find the same stuff…. and that is boring!


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Aston Martin make watches? or keys? huh?

This is one of the coolest things I have ever heard of/seen on the internet! Aston Martin Rapide Watch Continue reading

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Banksy is actually a Genius.

Banksy's Underground CinemaI honestly think Banksy isn’t a real street artist but a marketing-business-advertising-genius pretending to be a street artist… Continue reading

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Piano Table

Georg Bohle's Piano TableRunning on from the last post, this little piece of furniture is bound to get the Piano-lovers bubbling with excitement! Continue reading

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Piano Never Sounded So Good…

Chilly Gonzales' PassportLil’ Wayne made a “milli” songs last year. Mixtape after mixtape, they just kept on coming… some were good, some were probably bad. Then I hear Chilly Gonzales. Continue reading

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A Love Letter For You

A Love Letter for YouWhilst browsing the World Wide Web, I came across this site, “A Love Letter For You”.
For those who into love, you’ll melt with all the cute little murals plastered across a 2-storey wall. For those that are into typography, you’ll dig all the variations of type and the thought -provoking typefaces used for each piece.
For those not into either of those things, I think someone may need a hug… Keep reading for more cute little pictures! Continue reading

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Visa & The World Cup

Fresh out of the Saatchi & Saatchi HQ, This pretty little thing takes you from the couch to the land of dreams within seconds. Let’s be honest, we would all like this to happen to us, and if Visa can make it happen, tell me where to sign up!

Kick-off for the World Cup is in June, and I’m ready for it!

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